As a student you have a ton of options to choose from. You can go with:

  • Public system (for example TK)
  • Expat health insurance (for example Hanse Merkur)
  • Full private insurance (Speak to an agent)

Here's the thing. If you CAN sign up for the public system, you should. In 99% of cases it's the best thing to do. 

The requirements to sign up are simple. You have to be <30 years old, and be studying for less than 7 years so far. If that's you, just go with the public system.


You have to commit to the public system at the beginning of your studies (by law). You CANNOT switch half way through. We get so many people that sign up for some expat health insurance - because they don't understand the options - and then want to go with the public systems after a few months. Sometimes we can help and switch you over - but you will still have to back-pay until the beginning of your studies. And sometimes it just isn't possible.


If you signed up for expat health insurance, and want to switch - we will try to help, but please understand that we can't always help. We'll do our best though. 

Popsure promise.

We're sorry you signed up for it in the first place - and for the record think that it's a terrible recommendation. That would never happen with us - with Popsure you'll always clearly understand your options (and in fact - we NEVER in hundreds of applications EVER had anyone decide that expat health insurance is better than the incredible value student public health insurance).

Share this with anyone unsure about what to get as a student, so they don't miss the window to sign up for the public system :-)

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