Trying to sign up for public health insurance, but you're not employed? Well, if you're an artist the KSK might just be your way into the public system.

So what's the KSK?

The KSK or Kuenstlersozialkasse is a fund set up by the German government that helps artists get affordable access to healthcare. If you can prove that you are indeed a working artist then...

  • You can join the public healthcare system as a (non-EU) freelancer
  • The KSK fund will pay for 50% of your healthcare cost. (Quite an impressive value considering health care costs)

How do I sign up for KSK?

Here's the basic requirements:

  • You're an artist. You work professionally as a self-employed/freelance artist/writer with the purpose of earning a living. This is your main source of income. For a full list of job descriptions click here.
  • You earn more than 3.900 per year. Your income from artistic activities (revenue minus expenses) must be above 3.900 euros per year (if you've been an artist for longer than 3 years) If you don't meet these minimums, than you might be able to get signed up with some extra checks. Keep reading.
  • You're not actually a business owner in disguise. You may employ at most one person, but no more. This is meant for artists only.

If those apply to you, then here's how you can begin the sign up process:

How to sign up for TK and KSK:

  1.  Apply for the TK Membership with Popsure as an artist.
  2. Receive temporary TK Membership confirmation - pending your KSK confirmation
  3. Sign up for the KSK Membership
  4. Receive KSK confirmation
  5. Hand in KSK confirmation to TK, finally confirming your TK membership

1. Apply for the TK membership as an artist

Always start with the TK application. You need to hand in a "temporary confirmation" from the TK in order to submit your KSK application. We can fast-track your application and get you the confirmation letter you need here. Send the form below to If you need help filling it out click here.

2. Receive temporary TK Membership confirmation

You should get the temporary confirmation within a week which will look like this. Since you are signing up with Popsure, we'll help you in case of any issues.

3. Sign up for the KSK membership

You can certainly do this on your own, but we wouldn't recommend it unless you're a German bureaucracy pro. (To hire one, simply get in-contact with the kind folks at CO-Germany.

The pieces you need to collect are the following:

  • Fragebogen zur Pruefung der Versicherungspflicht nach dem Kuenstlersozialgesetz (link to application, link to help)
  • Copy of your passport
  • Proof of occupation as an artist (sample link)
  • TK initial confirmation letter (from step 2)
  • If applicable: Birth certificate of your child

4. Receive KSK confirmation

Congratulations, the hard bit is done! Receive the document "Bescheinigung zur Sozialversicherung".

5. Upload "Bescheinigung zur Sozialversicherung" confirmation to popsure

Simply upload the KSK confirmation to your popsure account and we'll fast track it to TK. Alternatively you can post the confirmation to TK directly.

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