So, you're from another country in the EU and you want to join the public system in Germany, right? Well, here's your first German bureaucracy lesson: it's not that easy.

*If you're from the UK, the process to sign up is different. See this article instead. 

Not to worry though, popsure is here to help you out with this one. Here are the steps you need to complete in order to sign up. Please be aware that there is a 3 month window for you to complete these steps after arriving in Germany. If you wait any longer, you risk being denied coverage, so act fast!

1. Apply for TK

Simply go through our easy sign-up process here:

2. Obtain an "E104" form from your previous healthcare provider

What's an "E104" anyway? An "E104" form is simply a document that communicates to the German system that you were in fact covered by another public health care provider somewhere in the EU.

To get one, you need to contact your previous provider and ask them for one. Keep in mind that it needs to be filled out by them. For the English template click below, for all other E104s in all EU languages click here.

3. Submit E104 to popsure

Get the form above filled out and either email it to, or upload it into your popsure profile. We'll make sure that everything is correct and then attach it to your application to be sent off to TK. 

4. Receive TK confirmation

Congratulations, you made it!

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