You've just moved to Germany to start studying - but what about health insurance? 

Your university will be requiring proof of health insurance. Read all about that here:

You need proof of health insurance for your university

German law requires everyone to have health insurance. That's why your university has to make sure you're covered. There are 2 ways of getting the confirmation.

  • Method 1: Your insurance provider from your home country must provide an official letter that confirms your coverage is still valid there (e.g. NHS). This confirms that your coverage can be extended to Germany.
  • Method 2: You plan on getting a job in Germany after your studies. If this is the case, then you can apply for TK and get covered. 

Method 1: Confirmation from home country provider

The law isn't super strict here - usually showing that you have proof of cover in a public system in EU is enough - for example an EHIC card will do. Your proof does not need to explicitly state that you are covered in Germany. All it needs to say is "Person X is covered under the public system in EU country Y until 1.10.2020".

Method 2: Sign up for TK

If you are planning on staying in Germany after your studies, then you can sign up for TK the moment you start studying (...if you change your plans that is not a problem).

Note: The back of your TK card will be your new EHIC card valid in all of EU!

In that case please submit your TK application and confirm with popsure that:
"I plan on getting a job in Germany after finishing my studies". We'll reach out to confirm that with you and get you signed up.

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