As you probably know: in order to enroll in a German university you need proof of health insurance. 

Since German law requires everyone to have health insurance, you will need to sort out your health insurance situation before enrolling in University. Here are the two ways of getting covered in Germany as a university student from country in the European Union:

Method 1: Use your EHIC card issued to you by your home country's public health fund.

  • This method is recommended for anyone who doesn't intend on remaining in Germany after their studies. See below for more details.

Method 2: Sign up for TK (public health insurance) by declaring that you wish to remain in Germany after your studies. 

  • Obviously this is recommended for anyone who wishes to find a job in Germany after finishing University. See below for details for how to do so.

Method 1: Confirmation from home country provider

The law isn't super strict here - usually showing that you have proof of cover in a public system in EU is enough. The best way of doing so is to send a scan of the front and back of your EHIC card to

If you don't have an EHIC card you can reach out to your home country's public health administration and ask for a document which says the following"

" [First name, Last name] is covered under the public system in EU country [insert country name] until [insert date of last date of your studies] "

Method 2: Sign up for TK

If you are planning on staying in Germany after your studies, then you can sign up for TK the moment you start studying. You will need to do the following:

Step 1: Submit declaration letter to

  • All this needs to say is: "I plan on getting a job in Germany after finishing my studies". 
  • For a link to a template, click here. 
  • Send it to

Step 2: Complete application 

  • Submit your TK application by clicking below. That's it!
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