You got an email or a letter saying you're covered from date X. What's next?

You can see a doctor from date X onward.

You do not have to wait for your health insurance card to see a doctor! 

This is the most common question we get asked. The moment your cover is live, you can see a doctor with your TK membership. Sometimes a doctor will request an official letter from TK. Either take along the PDF from the email - or just call this number and TK will fax confirmation straight to the doctor 040 4606610400.

You will receive your health card after uploading a photo 

You should get your health insurance card a few weeks after signing up. It's printed centrally via secure printing facilities, so it can take up to two weeks after uploading a photo.

  1. Make sure TK knows you current address. Be sure to include a c/o on the address if your name is not on the postbox. You can update your address in your popsure account or by emailing
  2. Receive a one-time password to upload a photo (1 week after receiving the "covered" email and submitting right address), and upload it here:
  3. Wait up to 2 weeks to receive the TK-health card (2 weeks after uploading photo)

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