If you have moved to Germany from somewhere else in the EU, then you have two options for health insurance as a student. Your home country insurance or German insurance.

Option 1: Use your home country's insurance 

If you don't plan on staying in Germany after you are done studying, then you must remain on your insurance from your home country. For this option, you: 

  • Reach out to your home country's insurance and ask them for proof of cover during your studies
  • Hand in proof of cover to the university

Option 2: Sign up for public health insurance in Germany

If you plan on remaining in Germany after your studies, then you can sign up for German public health insurance. For this option, you:

Reason: You can only switch to German health insurance if you plan on staying in Germany after your studies.

After we receive both items, we will submit your application to TK and get you covered.

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