Something we get asked all the time by our customers is how to find an English speaking doctor. Out of all difficulties of moving to a new country, this really seems to be one of the biggest obstacles for people relocating to Germany. In any case, here are 3 ways to find an English speaking doctor near you.

1)  Do a Google search for "English speaking doctor near me"

We polled our non-German team and asked them what they thought the best way for finding an English speaking doctor was. The number one result? Google.

These days Google is getting better and better at nailing your search requests. In most cases, the highest rated, most trusted and convenient results will simply pop up right before your eyes. When searching for a doctor, just be sure to add “near me” after your keywords so it shows all the results located nearby. Also keep in mind that this trick works for finding an appointment with a doctor who speaks any other language! 

Tip: When searching, you can also add anything you want in place of doctor (for example obgyn, therapist or any other type of doctor)

Here's how the results look. Its super convenient because you can see exactly where the doctors are located on the map. You can also see that Google has intelligently deciphered through the review comments to only show that these are English speaking doctors.

Go on, give it a try!

2) Use Doctena to book an appointment with an English speaking doctor.

Doctena is a really great tool for finding an English speaking doctor in Germany.  Their service is especially cool, because you can actually book an appointment right within their platform, so no time wasted on the phone. Of course, all phone numbers are listed if you do prefer to call. Here’s the step by step guide for how to use Doctena:

  • Go to their website
  • Choose the speciality that you need (e.g. general practitioner, dermatologist etc)
  • Enter the the city that you are living in
  • Choose your language (Super cool that you’re not just limited to finding an english speaking doctor. Need to find a Chinese or Spanish speaking doctor? No problem!)
  • Select find and view your results.
  • Make an appointment by either using the book online feature or call the number. That's it!

3) Use Techniker Krankenkasse's find a doctor tool

You don’t have to be a TK member to use their “TK DoctorGuide," but if you do Its a really handy tool that makes quick work of finding an English speaking doctor in Germany. We like this one because it includes a ton of doctors in just about every city and it's really simple and easy to use. Here’s how you use it:

Note: if you would like to become a TK member, you can sign up easily and in English in just a few minutes here:

  • Enter the city that you need to find a doctor in.
  • Choose the language that you wish the doctor to speak. (For this example I chose English, but you can also find a doctor who speaks any other language).
  • Click search and view the results.

That's it. Simply look through the results to find the closest English speaking doctor near you and call the number and make an appointment.

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